Marion Sparber et Alan Fuentes Guerra nous viennent tout droit de Berlin pour leur premier stage en France et à Paris.Le cours sera donné en Anglais.

🍭 Infos et réservations :

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En cas d’annulation, le stage est intégralement remboursé aux participants.
Réservez dès à présent pour ne pas vous retrouver au dépourvu le moment venu !***
First series of classes in Paris for Alan Fuentes Guerra and Marion Sparber ! We are so happy to welcome them for floorwork, flying low and acrobatic partnering classes.Limited number of participants due to Corona regulations.
Also, for the Partnering, please come with your partner, friend, flatmate, no changing partners 😉We will be following local laws concerning the Covid-19 regulations.Classes are taught in English.


3 classes each day :

📌10h30 – 12h00 (Class 1) : Floorwork / Flying low
day 1 : From inside to outside w/ Marion Sparber
day 2 : Espacio Continuo w/ Alan Fuentes Guerra
📌13h00 – 14h30 (Class 2) : Acrobatic partnering tools
📌14h30-17h30 (Class 3) : acrobatic partnering choreography

>>Information & booking :


🐝 SHARED LEVITATIONWe start the class by opening our channels of awareness and connect to our partner by manipulating, testing and speculating with his/her structure and weight. A special focus in this phase is the use of our whole body doing the task, not only being limited to our hands and arms. In this first part the use of play- fullness allows us to connect to our instinctive and primitive side, tuning into a shared natural flow of breath. With the help of exercises in different constellations, every time changing and adapting to a new partner and universe – we listen, follow and direct the movement as one functioning organism through space. We get ready to jump, cross, push, pull, avoid, embrace and suspend each other. We like to focus on an organic way of Partnering, based on action/reaction principles inspired by Contact Improvisation and Fighting styles. We like to access the movement from a perspective of a deeper connection and try to avoid the superficial habit of copying shapes. Instead we motivate every couple to find a unique way of communicating with the partner and look for individual solutions and variations of the material. Another important aspect of our class is the constant change of the level of activity for both roles. We learn how much resistance, power and direction is needed to reach our maximum together by investigating with the given tools, and finally learning fixed Partnering material at the end of each class.

🌻 FROM INSIDE TO OUTSIDEAn important aspect of the training is the attention to the momentum in movement and on integrating changes of dynamic and musicality in short movement phrases. As techniques of inspiration for my class I use a lot the principles of Flying Low technique by David Zambrano as well as release technique mixed with my personal investigation. I like to establish a collective mind and body inside the class to enhance the group power giving an energetic push to the individual source of creativity.

💫 ESPACIO CONTINUOmakes a reference to the idea that we live in a world of constant change. Therefore we, as dancers, should be aware of this fact and allow our perception to be open and ready. Our
attention needs to be sharp and we must be prepared to accept the change and go with it. I like teaching Contemporary dance technique with an emphasis on floor work; with the purpose of applying the
sensations harvested from the floor into a vertical standing position.


Originally from South Tyrol in Italy, Marion is a professional dancer/instructor based in Berlin, Germany. She received her dance training at Varium in Barcelona and Iwanson Contemporary Dance School in Munich. As a teacher she has been working in several schools and festivals in Italy, Spain, Costa Rica, Switzerland, Austria, Russia, Portugal, Poland, Germany, USA. She regularly teaches at Marameo Berlin.In 2014 Marion was part of “EX-IN”, a one month intensive workshop with David Zambrano learning Flying Low
and Passing Through Technique and took many years seminars practising and teaching this technique

The mexican dancer and teacher received his education in dance at the academy SEAD Salzburg, Austria, studying at the post-graduate program BODHI Project and at the EPDM in Mazatlán, Mexico receiving his Bachelor in Contemporary dance. Currently he is based in Berlin and is researching in improvisation and theater showing a strong connection with physical dance and movement. He performed with several choreographers and companies, in many venues and festivals around Europe.**INFOS**3 classes each day :

📌10h30 – 12h00 (Class 1) : Floorwork / Flying low
day 1 : From inside to outside w/ Marion Sparber
day 2 : Espacio Continuo w/ Alan Fuentes Guerra
📌13h00 – 14h30 (Class 2) : Shared levitation, acrobatic partnering tools
📌14h30-17h30 (Class 3) : Shared levitation, acrobatic partnering choreography

🍭🍭 Information & booking : influxforarts@gmail.comFee :
all classes – 100 € (2 days, 12 hours)
Single classes – Class 1 : 16 € / Class 2 : 16 € / Class 3 : 30 €

If the workshop had to be canceled, the entire fee would be paid back to you. Register now to make sure you have a chance to participate !

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